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We build data sharing and semantic interoperability solutions for EU Institutions, Member States, Data Spaces initiatives and Private Companies.

Tailored Solutions for EU Institutions

  • Meaningfy is at the forefront of supporting the European Commission's vision for a digitally transformed Europe. We align our innovative solutions with the EU's strategic priorities, delivering tangible outcomes that contribute to a more efficient, transparent, and interconnected European public sector.

    Tailored Solutions for Public Administration

    Our expertise in digital transformation, data interoperability, and service optimization is tailored to the unique challenges of European institutions and government agencies. We ensure that our services meet all the requirements of public administrations, driving progress and facilitating seamless service delivery.

    Proven Contributions to EU Projects

    Meaningfy has significantly contributed to various projects for EU Institutions, leveraging our expertise in Semantic Web technologies to streamline complex data into structured, comprehensible formats.

    These projects have enabled public agencies to make well-informed decisions based on clear, data-driven insights. Below is a selected list of outcomes and initiatives to which we have contributed or facilitated:

  • Unifying the EU Public procurement with eProcurement ontology;
  • Transforming the Past, Present and Future Public Procurement Notices with TED Semantic Web Services;
  • Streamlined Semantic Data Specification development and maintenance with model2owl toolchain;
  • Semantic Textual Analysis of COVID-19 Measures

Our commitment to the EU's Digital Agenda

Our services are designed to support the unique requirements of the EU Institutions, ensuring efficient, transparent, and effective operations. With a deep understanding of EU-specific challenges, Meaningfy's offerings include

Advanced IT Solutions

Developing and integrating complex systems to support cross-border activities, enhancing collaboration and communication within the EU framework.

Custom Application Services

Tailoring software applications to meet the specific needs of different EU bodies, focusing on usability, security, and interoperability.

Strategic IT Consulting

Providing expert consultancy on digital transformation strategies, data management, and system architecture, aligned with EU policies and objectives.

Managed IT Services

Offering comprehensive managed services with a focus on service design, transition, and operation, catered to the extensive user base within the EU.

Research and Innovation Initiatives

Engaging in research and development to bring innovative solutions to the forefront, aiding EU institutions in staying ahead in technology and service delivery.

We are aligned with EU Values and Goals

We have a deep understanding of EU institutions' needs and a commitment to delivering forward-thinking, reliable, and scalable solutions.

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We will continue to be a partner dedicated to excellence, innovation, and a brighter

digital future for Europe

Custom Solutions for Private Sector

Driving private sector growth

We understand the diverse challenges faced by the private sector, from the complexities of digital transformation to optimising operational efficiency and beyond. Our experience across industries positions us to address these challenges, whether they're broad concerns like data management and integration or specific issues like enhancing customer engagement.

How can we help?

We identify and address the unique problems within the private sector, offering solutions that range from complete resolutions to significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Our approach is holistic, considering the nuances of each business to ensure our solutions are perfectly aligned with your goals.

Real success stories

Our portfolio includes successful projects and prototypes that underscore our capabilities in delivering tangible results:

- TED DATA Analytics (TDA) - Business intelligence platform designed to provide in-depth insights into procurement data for Business-to-Government contracts

- Story Brand Elicitor: Creating compelling brand narratives with AI

- Semantic Recommender (SEMREC) - HR Recommender: Streamlining recruitment with AI-driven candidate matching.

Partnering for success

Each project reflects our commitment to leveraging technology to solve real-world business challenges, driving growth and innovation in the private sector.

Our goal is simple – we adapt technology to your business, not the other way around.

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We discover your business goals and product vision, assess essential features, and map out the project timeline.

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We outline a clear, detailed proposal, tailored to your needs and present our solution. Through open dialogue and negotiation, we reach an agreement and sign off on the partnership.

Step 3


We execute the offer into the final solution, developing and refining through iterative feedback and rigorous testing to ensure it meets every aspect of the initial proposal.

Step 4


We deliver the complete solution, ensuring a seamless transition, integration into your existing systems, and ongoing support.

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