Unifying fragmented data for the European Publications Office, enhancing EU transparency, and fostering interoperability for improved data handling efficiency

Client Overview

  • Client Name: DG DIGIT of the European Commission
  • Industry: Public Sector/Government
  • Size: Large
  • Context: The European Publications Office is responsible for the TED portal, which is an annex of the EU Official Journal, where all public procurement notices are published. TED is the face of procurement opportunities across Europe, offering comprehensive access to business openings within the EU and the European Economic Area. Overseeing TED, the EU's public procurement portal, the Office aims to facilitate transparent and efficient procurement processes across the EU.
  • Challenge: Faced with fragmented and diverse procurement data, the European Publications Office needed to create a unified eProcurement Ontology (ePO), to simplify procurement processes across the EU, enhancing transparency and improving system interconnectivity for more efficient data reuse and operation.


  • Knowledge Engineering Leadership: Guided and technically steered the ontology to meet strategic objectives.
  • Ontology Architecture Design and Implementation: Expertise in designing and implementing the eProcurement Ontology.
  • Transformation and Validation Tools Development: Developed key tools for ePO model consistency and accuracy.
  • Ontology Building Support: Essential support and insights throughout the ontology-building process.


  • Establishment of a Robust Ontology Development Methodology: Significant advancement in the client's approach to ontology development and data management.
  • Well-Documented Processes: All working group meetings and ontology requirements are meticulously documented for clarity and consistency.
  • Streamlined Practices: Adoption of streamlined practices in ontology development and data management, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Formal Ontology Development: Successful development and publication of a formal, evolving ontology, now foundational in the client's data management strategy.
  • Support Tooling Implementation: Introduction of Model2owl tools for UML model transformation, improving efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in model development.


  • Data Interoperability and Transparency: Significant elevation in data interoperability across public procurement, fostering transparency and trust in public spending.
  • Efficiency and Standardization: Contribution to the standardization of data handling in public procurement, improving process efficiency and reducing redundancies.
  • Knowledge Asset Utilization: Transformation of complex data landscapes into structured, insightful resources, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.


[ePO] represents a paradigm shift in public procurement, exemplifying how structured data solutions can profoundly impact public sector operations. The ongoing and future benefits of this project highlight its long-term value in driving efficiency, transparency, and innovation in the public sector.

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