Deep semantic analysis of the EU and its Member States’ COVID-19 response, significantly enhancing data-driven policymaking and public policy transparency

Client Overview

  • Client Name: Open Data Services of EU Open Data and CORDIS unit at the European Publications Office
  • Industry: Public Sector/Government
  • Size: Large
  • Context: Open Data Services focuses on improving the transparency and accessibility of information from EU institutions. Their goal is to facilitate a deeper understanding of open data, emphasizing its accessibility and informative value to support transparent and service-oriented operations within the EU.Challenge: Semantically map and understand the EU and its Member States’ COVID-19 responses, particularly in living and working conditions, by analyzing diverse textual data sources.


  • Designing R&D Experiments: Tailored research framework for analyzing COVID-19 policy documents.
  • Collecting Textual Data: Extensive data collection of relevant policy documents and reports.
  • Data Infrastructure Setup: Robust and scalable infrastructure for processing large volumes of textual data, using advanced machine learning and analytics tools.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): Preliminary analysis to identify trends, anomalies, and key themes in the data.
  • Building Topic Models: Development of static and time-bound models to track COVID-19 policy changes over time.
  • Language Model Development and Analysis: Advanced models for semantic analysis across datasets, uncovering underlying patterns and conceptual connections in the policy responses.
  • Semantic Similarity Models: Comparative analysis of policies across countries and datasets, identifying commonalities and differences in the approaches to tackling the pandemic.
  • Data Visualizations: Creation of intuitive visual formats to communicate complex data insights.


  • Unified Dataset: A comprehensive dataset of EU COVID-19 responses.
  • Enhanced Policy Understanding: Clarity on the alignment and discrepancies between EU and national policies.
  • Improved Data Accessibility: Easier exploration and understanding of complex policy documents.
  • Innovative Analysis Tools: Advanced tools for nuanced policy content analysis and trend identification.


  • Holistic Policy Overview: Complete view of COVID-19 responses from the EU and its Member States.
  • Policy Clarity: Clear insights into the alignment and discrepancies of EU and national COVID-19 policies.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Supports stakeholders in making better-informed decisions based on detailed policy information.


SEMCOVID exemplifies Meaningfy's expertise in semantic analysis, enhancing policymaking and public understanding of the EU's COVID-19 response, and reinforcing core values of transparency and accessibility in data services.

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