Improving data quality and making information more accessible for the EU Public Procurement data with an RDF data transformation system

Client Overview:

  • Client Name: Standards and Support sector of TED and EU Public Procurement unit (OP.C.3) at the European Publications Office

  • Industry: Public Sector/Government

  • Size: Large

  • Context: The European Publications Office is responsible for the TED portal, the face of procurement opportunities across Europe, offering comprehensive access to business openings within the EU and the European Economic Area. Overseeing TED, the Office aims to facilitate transparent and efficient procurement processes across the EU.

  • Challenge: Developing a robust system for converting procurement notices into a standardized RDF format, streamlining publication, enhancing data transparency, and ensuring they comply with the eProcurement Ontology. This involved combining different systems to ensure uniform data quality and effectively publishing procurement notices on the TED website.


  • System Architecture Analysis and Design: Crafted a state-of-the-art, scalable system architecture.

  • Software Development: Domain-driven design and Clean Architecture approach using Python 3.

  • Infrastructure and DevOps Automation: Infrastructure setup with seamless integration and deployment.

  • System Integration: Smooth integration with TED’s existing website and CELLAR system.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Employed TDD methodologies and various tests for system reliability.

  • Documentation: Detailed user-friendly documentation and guidance on GitHub using AsciiDoc.

  • Assistance and Support: Hands-on system setup and deployment support at the Publications Office.


  • Advanced-Data Processing System: Automated transformation pipeline for converting TED notices to RDF format.

  • Enhanced User Experience: User-friendly control panel and monitoring dashboards, efficient pipeline management.

  • Robust Data Validation and Quality Assurance: Rigorous data quality control services for accuracy and reliability.

  • Seamless Integration and Stakeholder Engagement: Smooth integration with TED's website and the CELLAR system, along with strong stakeholder communication and support.


  • Streamlined Data Processing: Automated pipeline enhances efficiency and reduces operational complexities.

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage: Complete and accurate publication of notices on CELLAR.

  • User Empowerment: Extensive documentation and open-source applications for user support.

  • Low Maintenance and Future-Proofing: Minimal ongoing interventions and adaptability for evolving eForms.

  • Accessibility of Public Procurement Data: Broader access to data through common RDF format.

  • New Use-Cases and Opportunities: Expanded data use for various innovative applications and research.


The TED-SWS project significantly enhances EU public procurement, improving data quality and making information more accessible. It showcases Meaningfy's ability to deliver effective and user-friendly solutions for complex data transformation needs, aligning with Europe's goals for a more transparent, efficient, and innovative procurement landscape.

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