We are Meaningfy

We envision a world where information and knowledge flow effortlessly between people and machines,
empowering individuals and transforming societies


The seeds of Meaningfy were rooted in a childhood filled with curiosity and an innate connection to the world of computing, nurtured in a family where entrepreneurship was a way of life. Eugeniu, the brain behind Meaningfy, was a child fascinated by computers. He was an entrepreneur in the making, dreaming of a venture that would harness the true potential of technology.

With a Master's in Information and Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, Eugeniu's professional path was marked by significant roles such as a Semantic Architect at the Publications Office of the European Union and Researcher (Ph.D Candidate), at the Institute of Science and Technology in Luxembourg.

Founded on the principles of innovation, integrity, and excellence, Meaningfy addresses the critical need for people and machines to interact using common concepts. We believe that technology can enhance the human experience, bridging the gap between human intuition and machine intelligence. Our commitment is to unlock the potential of data, making it accessible and truly comprehensible, thereby empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of the digital age with clarity and confidence.

Meet the team

Knowledgeable Semantic Architect with a background in Semantic Web Technologies, Computational Linguistics AI. 


Founder & ceo 

Experienced Operations Director, with 15+ years of experience in Software Development. Strategic Navigator of Web Innovation.


head of operations

Semantic Web Engineer and PhD researcher on a mission to enhance query performance through foundational ontology.


Semantic web engineer

Research And Development Engineer with 10+ years of experience.


Software developer

10 + years of experience in semantic processing of natural languages, design of neural networks and natural language disambiguation.


software developer

Self-motivated developer with a strong background in technology, driven by curiosity to learn and create.


Devops engineer

Zealous graph data and software craftsman with close to 10 years of experience in IT, Semantic Web and Knowledge Representation.


Semantic engineer

Semantic Engineer, PhD in Computer science with a background in Semantic Web Technologies, Knowledge Representation And Reasoning.


semantic engineer

11+ years of experience in software development experience with various programming languages.


UI developer

Semantic Engineer with a background in Semantic Web Technologies, creating seamless interaction between humans and technology.


Semantic engineer

Senior Knowledge Engineer, with 20+ years experience in the domain of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Knowledge Representation.


Semantic engineer

Our approach



We understand your business challenges, helping you define objectives and apply appropriate solutions to achieve your goals.

With an objective approach to complex transformation programs, we offer advice for identifying solutions, selecting vendors, and your best route to developing architectures and implementing technology solutions.



We have the skill and capacity to tackle the largest and most complex business challenges, delivering innovation, enhancements, and tailored technology solutions.

We give you the support and guidance you need to define and execute complex transformation and innovation, utilizing a combination of superior consulting and engineering talents matched to your requirements.


Digital transformation

We find the best-fit solution that turns your business objectives into a comprehensive plan for change.

Through every stage of digital product, service, and customer experience design, we translate your business challenges into strategic business opportunities. Whether your business needs lean strategy, product, or service design we help you grow and enhance your business and product offerings.

Vision, Mission, Values

We envision a world where information and knowledge flow effortlessly between people and machines, empowering individuals and transforming societies.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations access data, understand information, and leverage knowledge.

We believe meaning and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.
We believe that a world with transparent access to information and knowledge is a fair world.
Technology shall be open. This is why we want to provide value through open-source.
Technology is only useful if it is understood. We aim to make technology accessible to our clients.

At Meaningfy we S.M.I.L.E. 

  1. 1
    Going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders
  2. 2
    We strive for continuous learning and mastery, delivering exceptional results and driving innovation
  3. 3
    Upholding honesty, ethics, and moral principles in all our actions
  4. 4
    Guiding and empowering self and others to reach their full potential
  5. 5
    We foster curiosity, creativity, and fearless exploration, uncovering innovative solutions and opportunities for growth

Join our team!

Meaningfy is always on the lookout for exceptional individuals.
Join our team of innovators, thinkers, and advocates for meaningful technology.
Craft digital solutions that users love and build a career you believe in.

Send us your CV at hi@meaningfy.ws and we'll get in touch soon! 

And most importantly, stay awesome! 🙂