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Model2Owl Documentation

This project comprises a set of tools for transforming an UML (v2.5) model from its XMI (v2.5.1) serialisation into a formal OWL ontology, and a SHACL shape. This approach is conformant to the SEMIC Style Guide and with eProcurement Ontology Architecture specification.

The UML transformation is performed using XSLT stylesheets under the assumption that the UML model conforms to the set of conventions outlined in the EPO UML conventions documentation. This set of UML conventions is an extension to the UML conventions specified in SEMIC Style Guide.

SEMIC Style Guide

The SEMIC Style Guide is a document that defines principles & rules to be applied to semantic data specifications.

The objective is to foster the use of standards by offering guidelines and expert advice on semantic interoperability for public administrations.

This Style Guide is primarily intended for semantic engineers, data architects and knowledge modelling specialists who are acting as editors or reusers of Core Vocabularies and Application Profiles.

This style guide also constitutes a good source of information and explanations for the European Commission’s officers, consultants and stakeholders involved in interinstitutional standardisation.

Meaningfy GitHub Resources

Meaningfy is dedicated to advancing semantic technology and data interoperability. Our GitHub showcases innovative projects, from semantic web solutions to data architecture enhancements. Explore our repositories for insights into our cutting-edge work in public procurement, COVID-19 analysis, and more, all aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration in the digital space. Join us in shaping the future of data-driven decision-making.

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