We build Interoperability Solutions for EU Institutions 

We develop custom data solutions that enable a more efficient, transparent, and interconnected European public sector

Data Harmonisation and

Open Standards

Linked Data and

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Extraction

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If you are a public agency or a private organisation

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Struggling to harmonise different data standards

Data interoperability is a significant challenge, across various governmental bodies. The inability to harmonise standards complicates everything from citizen services to internal reporting and analytics.

Tired of searching relevant data through data silos

Data silos are often the root cause of inefficiencies, poor decision-making, and compliance risks. Siloed data can constrain collaboration and innovation, affecting almost every aspect of an organization.

Unable to use raw data in real-world applications

Having access to large amounts of data without the ability to convert it into actionable insights result in missed opportunities for improvements and innovation, particularly for public administrations.

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data complexity into clarity and  action

Harmonizing data standards with Semantic Specifications

Comprehensive assessment and strategic planning to enhance data governance, quality, and utilization. By employing best practices and tools, we create a customized roadmap tailored to your data management needs.

Simplifying data navigation with a Linked Data solution

Standardised formats and identifiers to create seamless connections between disparate data sources. It enables real-time data integration and ensures data consistency across different departments and systems.

Transforming raw data into clear Knowledge Graphs

Semantic layer that maps out complex relationships in data, making it easier to retrieve context-rich insights.
It can leverage NLP and machine learning to enrich the data, making it a powerful tool for analytics.

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Your Benefits

We adapt technology to your business, not your business to technology.

Increase the utility and accessibility of your data.

Harmonised data that works together smoothly and is easily governed.

Better interpretation of text, making your language data simple and accessible.

Custom-built software that is aligned with your business goals and operations.

Streamlined decision-making through data insights

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Give unstructured data meaning, from plan to implementation.

Since each project is unique, we approach it with an open mind. We customise our solutions to meet your business needs.

Step 1


We discover your business goals and product vision, assess essential features, and map out the project timeline.

Step 2


We outline a clear, detailed proposal, tailored to your needs and present our solution. Through open dialogue and negotiation, we reach an agreement and sign off on the partnership.

Step 3


We execute the offer into the final solution, developing and refining through iterative feedback and rigorous testing to ensure it meets every aspect of the initial proposal.

Step 4


We deliver the complete solution, ensuring a seamless transition, integration into your existing systems, and ongoing support.

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