Matching global software engineering talent to diverse project needs. It connects with a broad talent pool, serving Index.dev’s international client requirements effectively

Client Overview

  • Client Name: Index.dev
  • Industry: Recruitment/HR for Software Development
  • Size: Medium to Large
  • Context: Index.dev addresses the challenge of expensive and competitive local engineering hiring by building a global platform of remote engineers. This platform aims to improve businesses' ability to compete and build software products by expanding their hiring reach beyond local markets, where the supply of engineers is often limited.
  • Challenge: They face difficulties in efficiently matching candidates who not only possess the required technical skills but also align with the diverse cultural environments of their global projects. Their existing recruitment methods do not effectively identify candidates with a wide array of technical and creative competencies. Consequently, they need an automated system to better leverage the global talent pool and meet the specific needs of their international clients.


  • Strategic Business Analysis and Stakeholder Collaboration: Tailored business analysis to meet Index's specific recruitment needs.

  • Technical Architecture Design and Development: Robust and scalable system framework for the Recommender System.
  • Data Analysis and Semantic Model Creation: Custom semantic model for interpreting relationships between skills and occupations.
  • Software Development and API Integration: Sophisticated software and API services for an automated recruitment process.
  • System Integration and Continuous Improvement: Seamless integration of system components and establishing processes for ongoing enhancement.


  • Ontology-Based Recommender System MVP: Developed tailored MVP for Index's recruitment needs, showcasing real-world applications.

  • Refined Recruitment Tools and Processes: Specialized taxonomy creation and advanced methods for information extraction and document annotation.
  • Harmonized Data through Custom Ontology and Taxonomy: Consistent and accurate interpretation of skills and job roles, enhancing recruitment process efficiency.


  • Significantly Improved Recruitment Efficiency: Streamlined process leading to effective placements and reduced time and resources spent on talent acquisition.

  • Precision in Talent Matching: Advanced search capabilities for precise matching of job requirements and candidate skills, experiences, and competencies.

  • Innovative Approach with Ethical AI: Unbiased, fair talent matching focusing on both technical and creative skills, enhancing cultural fit and job satisfaction.
  • Competitive Advantage in Recruitment: Placed Index at the forefront of recruitment solutions in the software industry.


Meaningfy's development of the Ontology-Based Recommender System transforms Index.dev's talent acquisition. This innovative system improves talent matching efficiency and extends its global reach, providing Index.dev a substantial competitive advantage and a more dynamic organizational culture.

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