We create large networks of interconnected data, easily searchable and analysable

Imagine we're building a digital brain, enabling your business to organise and leverage data to make smarter decisions, faster

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Development

We turn your data into a dynamic, interconnected network of comprehensible concepts.

This network, or “knowledge graph”, links your data points in a way that mirrors real-world relationships, like a digital twin, making your data more understandable and actionable.

OutcomeIncrease the utility and accessibility of your data.

Data Processing and Transformation

Assuring effective data utilisation before full deployment

We ensure your data is not just collected and stored but is also meaningfully transformed and integrated. 

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing data, identifying key areas for enhancement and efficiency.

Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL/ELT)

Extracting data from various sources, be it databases, CRM systems, or cloud storage.
Refining, converting and depositing the extracted data into a format suitable for analysis.

Data transformation

Removing inaccuracies and inconsistencies from data to ensure quality and reliability.
Formatting data into a consistent format, making it easier to integrate and analyze.

Data lineage and tracing

Keeping track of your data’s origin, transformation, and movement. Continuously refining and optimizing the data processing workflows to adapt to new data sources, formats, and business requirements.

Semantic Data Mapping and Harmonization

Bridging data silos for deeper understanding

We break down the barriers between disparate data sets. By unifying and aligning your data, we bring a new level of clarity and insight to your business intelligence. 

Updating and refining semantic mapping and data harmonization processes to adapt to new data sources or changing business needs, ensuring we maintain what we develop

Semantic data mapping

Aligning and translating data from various sources into a unified format. Implementing semantic rules that map data and understand its context. 

Transforming disparate data into a standardized format, ensuring uniformity. 

Semantic enrichment and ontologies

Creating frameworks (ontologies) that define the relationships between different data elements, like drawing a detailed family tree that shows not just names, but also how everyone is related.

Data integration across systems

Integrating harmonized data across different systems and platforms, ensuring that it can flow freely and be accessed cohesively. 

Unifying different sources into a single point of truth, for deep analytics.

Data Quality Assessment and Curation

Enhancing the reliability and value of your data

We meticulously assess and refine your data, focusing on accuracy, consistency, and relevance. We evaluate the current state of your data and curating it to enhance its quality and utility.

We conduct thorough examinations of your data sets to identify quality issues such as inaccuracies, duplications, or inconsistencies. We apply rigorous metrics and standards to measure data quality across various dimensions.

Data quality reporting and insights

Generating comprehensive reports detailing the state of data quality within the organisation. We provide recommendations and insights for ongoing data quality.

Data cleaning and validation

Detecting and correcting errors and anomalies in your data.
Implementing robust validation processes to ensure ongoing data accuracy.

Curated data repositories

Creating well-structured, curated repositories where data is stored systematically.
Adding and managing metadata (data about data) to provide context and aid in data discovery and utilization.

Linked (Open) Data Publishing

Linking disconnected data sets for superior accessibility

We connect disparate data sets, making them openly accessible and interlinked.

We transform data into a format suitable for web publishing, ensuring it adheres to web standards. 

Our goal is to create a web of data that is comprehensive, easily navigable, and insightful, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and informed decision-making. 

Semantic annotation and enrichment

Adding semantic tags to your data, which provide context and meaning, much like adding a detailed legend to a map, enhancing its usefulness and navigability.

Linked data principles implementation

Assigning Unique Resource Identifiers (URIs) to data elements, making each piece of data distinctively identifiable on the web, similar to giving every book in a library a unique call number.

Data interoperability and integration

Aligning your data with other datasets on the web to enable seamless integration and utilisation.

Publishing and accessibility

Making your data available on the web in an accessible, machine-readable format. 

Ensuring compliance with open data principles to maximise accessibility and usability. 

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