What We Offer

Data modelling

Properly modelled data means faster delivery of more powerful software. Ontological modelling underpins our solutions. One thing is for sure, a pragmatic Data Model is a must for all IT systems.

Open data integration

There is a huge and rapidly growing world of open data, and we are well experienced in integrating Open Data sources with our client’s domain data. By linking your data, to external data sources like DBPedia, EU Vocabularies, Open Data Portal, your products become enriched, enabling better annotation, search, and product development.

Linking disparate internal data sources

Data integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of them. A common use of data integration is in data mining when analyzing and extracting information from existing databases that can be useful for Business information.

Semantic content management

People do not search for documents only, they need facts and smaller chunks of information. Organising content with taxonomies, ontologies, controlled lists  in an interlinked graph representation can significantly leverage access and discovery. 

Semantic publishing

Semantic publishing on the Web refers to publishing information on the web as documents accompanied by semantic markup. Semantic publishing provides a way for computers to understand the structure and even the meaning of the published information, making information search and data integration more efficient.

Semantic concept extraction

Semantic concept extraction is a type of information extraction from unstructured text that seeks to locate and classify mentions of person names, organizations, locations, medical codes, monetary values, percentages, etc. This is useful in answering high-level questions, which may be used by enterprises or government agencies to make informed decisions, reducing the risk associated with their future plans